Used Finishing Machinery

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  • Polar 115 EL 71/3339A

    • Air table
    • Photocells
    • Serial nr. 71/3339A
  • Eurofold 235.122

    • Serial nr. 11868
    • New Rollers
    • Batch counter EF-110
    • Noise hoods
    • Speed control
    • 2 Fold buckles
    • Air Suction Feeding
  • Adast Maxima MT80

    • Serial nr. 10281
  • Jagenberg 75 cm

    • 75 cm
    • Straight gluing
    • Lock bottom
  • Perfecta SDYEZ-1

    • Serial nr 48859.
  • Lasecomb HSP 2113 NC 20

    The Lasercomb HSP series is specially designed for work with dense and corrugated cardboard. It combines high accuracy, productivity, reliability of design. A distinctive feature of the plotter is the possibility of manufacturing counter-matrices from getinaksa / pertinaks (in the presence of a 5-spindle milling head). Models: An accessible user program with an extensive database, graphic display of the program for optical control, diagnostic system, the possibility of technical support through PartnerNet. Working head: 4 tangentially adjustable tool positions, simplicity of removal and installation of tools, various tools for drawing, creasing and cutting. Options: Adjustability of the Z-axis, 5-spindle working head for working with pertinax, ScanVec for automated scanning and vectorization of contours. Performance: up to 70 m / min Acceleration: up to 7 m / s