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  • Anter 800 folder gluer

    • Year 2000
    • Width: 800 mm
    • Max weight: 600 gsm
    • Speed: 350 meters/minute
    • Pre-folding unit
    • Conveyer delivery
    • Straight gluing + lock bottom
    • Gluing system PAFRA APC
  • Jagenberg 75 cm

    • 75 cm
    • Straight gluing
    • Lock bottom
  • Fidia Combi Unica Estro

    The COMBI + UNICA is ideal for a wide range of folding and gluing. It is a bi-dimensional folding and gluing machine for 2-D buckle plate folds or in-line items. The COMBI + ESTRO is a three-dimensional 'Capacity' or 'Box' pocket folding and gluing machine. The COMBI is feed by a raising pile friction feeder and then produces a series of ploughs. The ESTRO adds the capacity to the job and the forming module is interchangeable with the UNICA five plate buckle folding unit. A selection of COMBI + UNICA production: - Presentation folders of many kinds - Special Envelopes - CD/ DVD wallets with 1 or 2 pockets - CD/ DVD wallets with 1 to 4 reinforced compartments - Photograph Frames - Photograph pockets with two compartments - Book covers with flaps - Flexible book covers - Simple inline boxes and tent cards - Office files and medical case note files
    • Year 2008
    • Max Size: 76x100 cm
    • Min Size: 14x24 cm
    • The machine has been worked only 20 hours !
    • The machine is NEW and you can make a test.