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  • Duplo System 5000

    DUPLO SYSTEM 5000: DBM-500 (STITCHER-FOLDER), TRIMMER (DBM-500T), COLLATOR (DC-10/60). Features of the Duplo System 5000
    • High production collating and bookletmaking
    • Configures up to six DC-10/60 Pro Collators
    • Produces up to 5,000 booklets an hour
    • Collates up to 9,800 sets an hour
    • Creates 25-sheet books
    • 12 job memory positions
    • Up to 60 collating bins
    • Modular design, can add sheet-feeder for digital
    • Hand feed for covers or pre-collated sections
    • Suction feed with air management system copes with tricky papers
    • Jogger for delivering sections for different finishing options
    • Easy to follow touch screen control
    • Continuous loading for non-stop operation
    • Optional Three Knife Trim option
    Typical Applications of the System 5000
    • A4/A5 booklets
    • A3- A6 booklets
    • CD books
    • Magazines to 100 pages
    • Reports
    • Manuals
    • Product brochures
    • Catalogues
    • Academic journals
    • Loop stitch brochures
  • Horizon Spf 7 Booklet Maker

    The Horizon SPF-7 is very user friendly- Simply insert your printed and collated sheets in and stitched booklets are neatly stacked in the delivery tray. It can also be used for folding only or top stitching making it a very versitile booklet maker.
    • It accepts formats from A3 down to B6.
    • Job selection and other settings can be done with simple push button operations.
    • Simple operation! The operator simply inserts printed sheets and then booklets will be produced.
    • Compact design! Suitable for On Demand environment which requires short-run bookletmaking.
    • Performs bookletmaking, top-stitching, and folding only job.
    • Accepts from A3 to B6 formats.
    • 2,000 staples in a cartridge for minimum refilling of staples.
    • Equipped with the resetable counter.