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  • Bobst SP 1080 E

    • Max. size: 78x108 cm
    • Min. size: 29x35 cm
    • Speed: 4.500 Sheets per Hour
    • Pressure: 180 tons
    • with stripping device
    • 2 Chases
    • 2 Cutting plates
  • Highwater Cobra CTP

    • Cobra CB52BV60
    • High water Chem free
    • Year: 2006
    • Plate size : 78,5 x 103 cm
    • Average number of plates per hour : 10
    • Laser properties : Wavelength : 405 nm Laser Output : 60 mW
    • Torrent RIP (V.7 2 r 1)
    • The Torrent RIP is known for outstanding screening quality, its user friendly interface, high end-to-end productivity and comprehensive features. These include many, specifically geared to the JetFilm solution, which optimises film output through the control of ink density and ink spread. To preserve fine line and reverse-out detail the RIP uses special techniques, including micro-weave fading, dot edge protection, vector outline control and dynamic density modulation. These allow the RIP to compensate for the ink spread usually associated with inkjet printing and achieve band-free image quality and accuracy previously unachievable.
  • Kohmann F1010/2 1988

    • Fully Rebuilt
    • Condition: like new
    • Double -stream
    • Year 1988
    • Rotary wheel feeder
    • Adjustable chain station squaring section
    • Max format 1000 x 700mm
    • Min format 100 x 80mm
    • Timed rotary profile knife station for cutting forms into window web for two lines
    • Magnetic roller with cutting plate
    • Infinitely variable positioning of foil in running direction
    • Variable cut off length of foil by means of the change gears
    • With stereo cylinder and glue-impression roller
    • With delivery station
    • Electrical equipment for 380 v, 50 cycles AC
    • Electrical push-button controls,
    • Pressure and vacuum pumps
  • Horizon AFC-504AKT

    For more information, please check the brochure here