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New Arrivals

  • Duplo DPB-500

    • Please check the specifications of the machine HERE
  • Heidelberg Gto Z 52

    • Year 1984
    • Serial nr. 682628
    • 36x52 cm
    • 2 colors
    • water dampening
    • quick action plate clamps
    • weko powder spray.
  • Thermal Roll Laminator GMP

    • Model: SURETOPIC 520
    • Single side laminator with laminating speed 10m/min
    • Automatic overlay feeder
    • Film slit cutter
    • Rewinder and Burster cutter
    • Maximum laminating speed of 10m/min Consumption of film
    • POLYNEX Film(Thermal OPP) 25 mic up to 40 mic Special Features
    • Compact design for easy use
    • Semi-automatic system by manual paper feeding to automatic alignment and bursting
    • Film counter allows you to measure the amounts of laminating film used
    • Fast & easy embossing roller exchange (approx. 20min. to exchange)
    • Dedicated use for OPP film with embossing roller
    • Linen texture, Fine texture, Leather, Sparkler SURETOPIC-520 provides elegant embossing results with running of OPP films
    • It's good for lamination service shop, small and medium print shop, photo shop, advertising material manufacturer and makes various lamination on picture, book cover, file cover, postcard, etc.
  • Roll Laminator

    • Model: EXCELLAM II 355 QR
    • Installed safety device
    • Hot roller technology
    • Speed and temperature control
    • Hot lamination
    • Mounting up to 5 mm thick foamboard
    • 8bit microprocessor controlled preset functions
    • Accurate temperature measurement with use of infrared sensor
    • Transparency roller cover is easily detached with use of magnets
  • Nagel S8 Collator

    Collators Nagel S8 with power sheets, with 8 trays with suction and blowing mechanism to separate sheet, double-feed, paper jam handling, transport of paper that is caught, detecting empty trays, LCD display. This element is part of a composition of three units that allow you to print brochures and booklets. The tower in question can also be used on compatible systems to feed the sheets to be collated, cut or sew. TECHNICAL FEATURES max format. 364 x 520 mm to 135 x 160.0 mm micro formats. High performance up to 3,600 files / hour (depending on size) Booklets up to 100 pages / 80 g / m² Paper Weight 45 to 210 g / sqm Blocks up to 30 sheets / 80 g / m² suction system suction belts and blowers Paper Type: Use hand, chemistry, coated to groups of stations collection (2x4) Dimension (W x D x H) 65 x 77 x 214 cm 160Kg weight
  • Laminating+ Die cutting Machine – ONLINE

    • Size: 80x110 cm
    • Proper for pizza boxes etc.
    • You can laminate only
    • You can die cut only or you can do both jobs on the same time
  • Sakurai Oliver 258 E2

    • Year 1998
    • 13 mio. impr.
    • 2 colors
    • SPC - Sakurai Plate Changing system
    • Size: 45x58 cm
    • Olivermatic with recirculation
    • Technotrans cooling device
  • Ab dick 9810 & 9850

    • 2 machines available, Ab Dick 9850
    • 1 machine available, Ab Dick 9810
  • Stahl T52.3/4.T

    • 1st group: 2 buckles
    • 2nd group: 2 buckles
    • 3rd group: 1 electric knife for 8 pages
  • Stahl T36.4/36.4-F

    • Serial Nr. 25860
    • 1st group: 4 buckles
    • 2nd group: 2 buckles

Special Offers