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[RD-SF270S-1400] Fingerless type corrugated carton single


  • Cardboard transmission is achieved by the method of vacuum suction, it equipped with high pressure air blower as well as a muffler, with adjustable of air blowing rate, to keep flute profiles stable under high speed.
  • All the corrugated rolls, pressure roll, gluing roll are pneumatically controlled, and the air control unit and electrical control unit are concentrated in on cabinet, the operation side is fully enclosed.
  • The main structure and frame are made of cast iron, up to the thickness of 120mm, equipped with submerged lubrication system to avoid noise and keep running stable.
  • The shafts of corrugated and pressure roll are all heat resisting and lubricated by lubricating grease.
  • The corrugated roll is made of 48CrMo alloy steel treated with hardening and tempering, grinding, laser-quenching, the hardness up to HRC58o.
  • The pressure roll is made of 45# medium carbon steel, with the treatment of hardening and tempering, grinding and chrome plated, the roll up and down is controlled by cylinder, and equipped with buffer device.
  • The gluing roll is treated with grinding, mesh snicked and chrome plated on the surface, while the doctor roll has the same treatment. The glue supplying is controlled by pneumatic.
  • The pre-heater is made of seamless steel tube, and connected by flexible metal hose.


  • General parameter
  • Design speed 80m/min
  • Max running speed 40-60m/min
  • Design width 1400mm
  • Heating source Electrical or steam or oil
  • Temperature scope 160-200oC
  • Pressure of compressed air supply 0.4-0.9Mpa
  • Pressure of steam(if any) 0.8-1.3Mpa
  • Flute type Depends on customer’s requirement
  • Corrugating type B/UV or UVV
  • Diameter of rollers
  • Upper corrugating roller Φ270mm
  • Lower corrugating roller Φ266mm
  • Pressure roller Φ270mm
  • Gluing roller Φ176mm
  • Doctor rol Φ110mm
  • Pre-heater roller Φ320mm
  • Electrical parameter
  • Main drive motor 4kw 380V 50Hz
  • Air suction motor 7.5kw 380V 50Hz
  • Glue reducer motor 100w 380V 50Hz
  • Gluing roller gap adjusting motor 250w 380V 50Hz
  • Glue pump motor 2.2kw 380V 50Hz
  • Heating power 64kw (16pcs quartz tube heater × 4kw/pcs)

[RD-JYZ-1400] Electrical chain type shaft paper roll stand


  • Electrical chain type shaft paper roll stand
  • Max width of loading paper: 1400mm
  • Max diameter of loading paper roll: Φ1500mm
  • Loading capacity: 2T/side
  • The operation of lifting is driven by electrical while the clamping, loosening, traverse moving etc. are driven by manual
  • The web tension is adjusted by manual break.
  • Due to the equipping of manual disc break, the adjustment of web tension is convenient.

[RD-NCDW1400] Numerical control single ply corrugated


  • Working speed: 80 m/min
  • Max paper width: 1400mm
  • Cutting precision: ±1.5mm
  • Crosss cutting length: 300-9999mm
  • Equipped with 4 slitting knives
  • Numerical controlled by PLC touch screen, quick changing order and setting up parameter.
  • Driven by variable frequency motor and servo driver.
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