Pre-press machines

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  • Heidelberg Chromagraph S 3400

    1. From Heidelberg is the ideal product for single-scanner operation.
    2. Its extreme flexibility in handling and processing orders ensures outstanding productivity in the prepress stage.
    3. Lino Color TM Team Scanning makes your scanner highly flexible in operation.
    4. Several workstations can be combined to both reflect your order needs and sharpen your competitive edge.
    5. The ChromaGraph S 3400 can accommodate three different types of drum, thus providing it with the flexibility to handle a broad spectrum of reflective originals and transparencies.
    6. The smallest scanning drum delivers the very highest quality for poster reproduction work.
    7. Batch mode allows you to accelerate job throughput and improve your firm’s entire workflow. Over 100 35-mm transparencies can be processed fully automatically.
    8. The ChromaGraph S 3400 features a truly ergonomic design and easy handling.
    9. The vibration-free construction of the hardware coupled with perfectly coordinated software delivers consistently high quality time after time-and does so without compromises throughout the entire product life!
    10. The outstanding performance of the ChromaGraph S 3400 has its roots in the job preparation stage.
    11. The Mount Assistant 300 both facilitates and accelerates the task of mounting the originals on the drum, while ColorAssistant TM delivers reliable colour processing.
    12. Two interfaces for the Macintosh and network environment also ensure your investment retains its value in the years to come.
    • Scan system - Drum scanner, 3 photomultipliers
    • Software - Hardwaresupported Lino Color repro software for Apple Power MacintoshTM computers
    • Types of originals - Transparency and reflective, colour and black/white, contone and linework, positive and negative
    • Max. original format - 650 ! 500 mm for all types of original
    • Max. original thickness - 2 mm
    • Scaling 10 – 3000%
    • Scale calculation - Stepless with AutoScaling hardware in the scanner
    • Max. scanning resolution - Resolution 7442 dots/cm (19200 dpi), automatic stepless calculation by AutoScaling hardware in request
    • Density range - 3.9 D, measured using film output of grey scale
    • Max. resolvable density - 4.2 D, measured using film output of grey scale
    • Signal resolution - 12 bits per image dot and colour
    • Sharpness calculation - AutoSharpening hardware in the scanner, plus software filter in Lino Color
    • Drum - Drum types 212, 150, 80 mm dia.
    • Mounting aid - Mount Assistant 300
    • Interface - 1!SCSI for workstation connection, 2 further workstations can be connected via SCSI
    • Power supply - 230 V ±10%, single-phase, other voltages by special power transformer
    • Power consumption - Approx. 700 W
  • Thermal CTP Presstek & Plate Processor

    • Dimension 800
    • 8.000 plates
    • First hand machine
  • Heidelberg Suprasetter CTP

    • 36.000 plates
    • Thermal plate processor Glunz & Jensen
    • Model PT85