Used Web Printing Machinery

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  • Solna Distributor d300

    • Cut-off 560mm
    • Web width 915m
    • Speed up to 35 000 exp/hour
    • Total of 19 printing units as follows:
    a) 8 units type 2+1 lower floor – situated left side of the folders. b) 4 units type 1+1 upper floor – situated left side of the folders. c) 4 units type 2+1 – situated right side of the folders, and one 1+1 unit not connected to the press line. d) 2 separate (not connected to the press line) printing units type 2+1 with manual register, GTAB spray dampening and manual ink control + 1 incorporated AMAL splicer + shafts.
    • 1 folder Solna with 2 formers and 2 INGOL stitchers online + noise protection walls.
    • 1 folder with 1former and 1 INGOL stitcher online.
    • Remote console motorized cut-off control and Quadtech systems for paper webs, existing on the press.
    • 7 incorporated AMAL splicers.
    • 1 free standing AMAL splicer installed in 90 degrees + turner bars.
    • Printing units dampening system JIMEK spray bars and pump & mixer cooling and recirculation units belonging to D300 press and JIMEK system.
    • Remote motorized register.
    • IVT automatic ink level supply system.
    • 1 E+L web guide unit.
    • 1 infeed unit.
    Accessories of the press:
    • Remote control console press CONTROL – 2+2 units/consoles including PC accessories (XTRA1+EPP1 and XTRA2+EPP2) for D300 press control – as per bellow layout diagram.
    • 4 INK remote control consoles ORCLE/ORRKE as per bellow press layout diagram.
    • Ink pre-settings from CTP composing of: 2 PC local servers near to the ORCLE ink console, pre-setting servers located to prepress room, media transfer equipment etc.
    • Turning bars & bay windows for webs installing between the units, for the upper printing units from the right side 90 degrees splicer and for paper leads (belonging to the 2 separate 2+1 printing units detailed above on item no. 1 d) and for the free splicer detailed to item no. 6)
    • All related parts for the Solna D300 press.
    • 1 manual plates bending machine SOLNA.
    • 1 manual punching plates unit Formacyclis.
    • Pallet wagons – reel trolley to transport the reels to the machine.
    • Platform steel superstructure for the upper units and platforms belonging to the D300 press.