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  • *NEW* Horizon EF 354 SR

    • The machine is equipped with standing delivery.
    • New from the box.
  • Eurofold 235.121

    • 2 folding plates
    • Paper size from 9x12 to 35x50 (65) cm,
    • Paper weight from 40 to 240 gsm
    • Suction feeder
  • Horizon EF 354

    The EF-354 4-buckle folder is suitable for direct-mail or leaflet folding. – 4-buckle plates enable you to perform complex folding for direct-mail or unique leafl et. – Minimum fold length is 20 mm/ 0.8". – The EF-354 features a top-load bottom suction-feed system, allowing you to load sheets while folding for non-stop operation. – The roller gap shafts employ a simple sheet inserting adjustment system. – The preset counter for batch counting is provided as standard function. – With Standing Delivery
  • Horizon PF-39

    • User-friendly operation. Sheet size and fold pattern are set-up with a button. Roller gap adjustment allows to fold a wide range of sheet. Easy jammed sheet removal and roller cleaning.
    • Roller Gap Adjustment for folding a wide range of sheet from heavy to thin paper.
    • Feed Pressure Adjustment for feeding up to 157 gsm paper.
    • Pad Gap Adjustment for cross fold.
    • Skew Adjustment to correct skew in folding.
    • Jammed sheet removal or roller cleaning can be performed easily, without any special tools.
  • Horizon PF-P3200

    • High capacity and high productivity... Folding Speeds up to 240 sheets per minute (A4 single fold)
    • Does not require advanced operator skills for setup. Each section is automatically set by selecting sheet size and fold pattern using the operation panel. Six standard fold patterns are available at the press of a button.
    • Simply place sheets on the table, then select sheet size and de sired fold pattern.
    • The PF-P3200 is equipped with a high capacity feed table (550 sheets of 64 gsm can be loaded) to minimize sheet loading. The bin up / down motor enables fine bin control for consistent feeding.
    • Equipped with a user friendly operation panel that makes understanding operating procedures very simple. Extension Panel and Memory Functions:Additional special sheet sizes and fold patterns can be set using the ten keys in the extension panel. Up to 8 jobs can be memorized for instant recall.
    • Drawings can be placed face down on the feed table, and the folded drawings will be delivered in numerical order.
    • Complicated fold patterns such as DL fold and 8-page fold are available. Cross folds can be performed easily using the roller for cross folding (standard accessory).
  • Horizon PF-P3100

    • Maximum speed of 240 sheets per minute (A4 / 8.5” x 11” single fold) User-friendly operation Tool free maintenance
    • Fold documents with maximum productivity and minimum effort. Three speed selections to suit your office needs.
    • Push button controls, LED indicator lamps and simple fold plate adjustment controls allow the operator to quickly and accurately dial in the desired fold.
    • Folded sheets are neatly stacked on the delivery conveyor
    • You can easily change the feed roller and separator pad. Tool-less removal of the buckle plate and the fold rollers makes jam removal or cleaning a simple task.
    • Featuring power saving mode for environmental friendly operation.
  • Horizon PF-P280

    Wider Folding Variations with Two-Step Folding. The PF-P280 has been originally designed to perform a simple 4-page folding; however, two-step folding (cross folding via second pass) enables you to produce 6-page, letter, gate, and 8-page cross fold.  
  • Horizon Af-406f/s

    Advanced automated functions saves setup time with minimal make-ready. A selection of folding rollers are available to fold various type of sheets including thinner sheets for pharmaceutical. A double counter is provided at both the feeder and delivery sections. This facilitates jobs that require accurate counting control. Various optional devices including the Barcode Reader and Image Checking System are also available. Each section is set automatically by selecting the sheet size and fold pattern on the touchscreen. The advanced automated setup allows easy and quick changeover. A superior suction feed system and feed table control provides stable feeding operation. The minimum sheet size is :Width 50 mm x Length 100 mm / 1.970” x 3.940”. The sheet size Width 50 mm x Length 60 mm / 1.970” x 2.362” can also be folded by using an optional device. Scoring can be positioned easily using the uniquely designed scoring navigator. The position can be saved in a job memory for easy recall of repeated jobs. The scoring roller position navigator is equipped so that positioning of the scoring wheels are simple, fast and accurate. The delivery belt unit is movable for easy access and quicker adjustments. (this function is optional on the AF-406S). 6+6-buckle modular concept allows simple to complex fold patterns. Common fold patterns can be selected from the touchscreen for easy setup. Please check the specifications of the machine here You can find this machine in different sizes and with different equipment.
  • Horizon Afc-746f

    The Standard Horizon AFC-746F Large-format Folder includes advanced set-up automation through a user-friendly 10.4” color touch-screen control panel that displays all common fold formats and sheet sizes for easy selection. The folder features quick changeover and fully automated setup with up to 45 automated adjustments including in-feed, roller gap, buckle fold, and knife-fold sections. The AFC-746F is very flexible – with 6 buckle plates + 1st knife + 2 buckles under the knife, one buckle standard + 2nd knife. It handles sheet sizes up to 29.1” x 43.3” and as small as 8.3” x 8.3” with programmable memory for up to 200 different jobs. It includes pile feeder with suction head, and has an optional pallet or continuous feeder for maximum application flexibility. Sheet sizes up to 51” long can be fed with the continuous feeder. The AFC-746F also contains a new ergonomically friendly slitter shaft removal system, where the operator can remove the perforation shaft automatically for easier blade setting – a quick releaser lever, internal elevator, and slide out carriage highlight this new feature. A new power stop system, where the transport belt at the knife section selectively slows/stops as the sheet reaches the knife stopper, eliminates bounce-back and damage to the sheet. Please check the specifications of the machine here You can find this machine in different sizes and with different equipment.