paper cutting

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  • Wohlenberg 112/115 F

    • Serial Nr. S10003
    • Air tables
    • Photocells
    • Magnetic programs
  • Perfecta 92 UC

    • Serial Nr. 72572
  • Wohlenberg 115

    • Serial Nr. 13719
  • Polar 115 EM Line 6331009

    • No-6331009
    • polar pallet lifter
    • polar paper jogger
    • polar transomat
  • Polar 115 EM 5231202

    • No-5231202
    • Programs
    • PhotoCells
    • Air Table
  • Horizon PC-P430

    • The perfect office cutter for cutting for cutting of printed sheets or trimming books.
    • The PC-P430 is activated only when the safety cover is closed and both cutting buttons are simultaneously pressed. The two buttons are sufficiently spaced to ensure operator safety.
    • The front cover will not open during the operation. The full cover keeps your fingers away from the moving part.
    • The operator simply pushes a lever to move cut sheets forward for easy removal.
  • Horizon APC-610

    Compact hydraulic cutting system with accurate cutting quality and simple operation. The system can be further enhanced with Horizon's pXnet bindery control system which integrates JDF workflow from upstream devices. Hydraulic clamping and cutting mechanism ensures accurate cutting quality. Servo motor driven backgauge for accurate positioning. The color touchscreen is intuitive and icon-based for user-friendly operation. The Operation, Setting and Information Screens are used for efficient and accurate operation. Maximum cutting width is 610 mm/ 24.0”, maximum cutting height is 100 mm / 3.39”.The cutting knife is made of special steel ensuring consistently high standard cutting quality for a prolonged period of time. Knife angle and cutting depth adjustments are easily done on the front side of the cutter. Standard Equipped Area Sensors: If the area sensors detect any objects, the cutting motion will stop immediately. These sensors meet the high level of safety specified in Category 4 according to ISO13849-1. Double Safety Circuit:The system is further equipped with a hard-wired secondary safety interrupt for operator safety. You can find this machine in different sizes and with different equipment.