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  • Thermal CTP Presstek & Plate Processor

    • Dimension 800
    • 8.000 plates
    • First hand machine
  • Thermal Roll Laminator GMP

    • Model: SURETOPIC 520
    • Single side laminator with laminating speed 10m/min
    • Automatic overlay feeder
    • Film slit cutter
    • Rewinder and Burster cutter
    • Maximum laminating speed of 10m/min Consumption of film
    • POLYNEX Film(Thermal OPP) 25 mic up to 40 mic Special Features
    • Compact design for easy use
    • Semi-automatic system by manual paper feeding to automatic alignment and bursting
    • Film counter allows you to measure the amounts of laminating film used
    • Fast & easy embossing roller exchange (approx. 20min. to exchange)
    • Dedicated use for OPP film with embossing roller
    • Linen texture, Fine texture, Leather, Sparkler SURETOPIC-520 provides elegant embossing results with running of OPP films
    • It's good for lamination service shop, small and medium print shop, photo shop, advertising material manufacturer and makes various lamination on picture, book cover, file cover, postcard, etc.
  • Film Laminating Machine

    Max Paper Size 1050*820mm
    Min Paper Size 350*350mm
    Laminating Speed     0-100m/min
    Laminating Speed 0-70m/min(for PET film)
    Paper Thickness 105-500gsm
    Gross Power 33kw
    Overall Dimensions 9400*2400*1900mm
    Pre-Stacker 1850mm
    Weight 5200kgs
    • This machine is equipped with a paper pre-stacker. servo controlled feeder and a photoelectric sensor to ensure that paper is continuously fed into the machine.
    • Equipped with advanced electromagnetic heater. Fast pre-heating. Energy saving. Environmental protection.
    • The servo controller and side lay mechanism guarantees precise paper alignment at all times.
    • A user-friendly interface system with a colour touch-screen simplifies the operation process. The operator can easily and automatically control paper sizes, overlapping and machine speeds.
    • The machine is equipped with an ant-curl device, which ensures that paper remains flat and smooth during the lamination process.
    • The machine is equipped with a pneumatic separating system, pneumatic perforating device and photoelectric detector to rapidly separate the paper according to the paper size.
    • A corrugated delivery system collects paper easily.
    • The pneumatic stacker receives the paper, keeping them in order, while rapidly counting every sheet.
    You can find this machine in different sizes and with different equipment.

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