TYMI High Speed UV Spot Coating Machine

High Speed UV Spot Coating Machine (Conveyor Type)

Model: USTAR-102C

  • Max. sheet : 730 × 1030 mm
  • Min. sheet : 340×406mm
  • Max. coating area : 720 × 1020 mm
  • Sheet thickness : 80gsm~450gsm
  • Machine speed : UP to 8800 sheet/hour (Depending on sheet weight size and quality)
  • Power required : 58.1kw (UV) / 82.1 kw (water base) (380V, AC 3φ, 50HZ)
  • Dimension (L × W × H) : 13353 × 3150 × 1865 mm
  • Weight : 13750 kg

Standard equipment:

1. Auto feeder with High speed

2. U.V Coater with three-rollers coating system.

3. U.V curing system with three U.V lamps.

4. Auto Delivery.

Optional equipment:

1. Pre-loading feeder device

2. Ceramic anilox coating roller

3. Chamber system for ceramic anilox coating roller

4. Cooling Air condition.

5. Water base coating and drying system.

Consisting of:

1. Automatic stream feeder.
– Max. pile height: 1328 mm.
– Accurate entry of sheets into varnishing unit.
– Double sheet detector.
– Miss sheet control.
– Emergency stop.
– Overrun safety device for feeder pile.
– PLC program circuit control, control panel, and security system

2. U.V coating unit.
– Underswing arm infeeding system
– High speed coating system up to 8800 Sheets/Hour.
– Coating roller φ300 mm, and huge impression rollerφ600 mm
– Sealed body frames with inner transmission gearbox.
– Automatic circulation lubrication system.
– Clamps for blanket mounting.
– Varnish tank (Capacity: 40 kg) with pump for continuous varnish circulation. – 5 pcs gripper bar for sheet transfer to Teflon conveyor.

3. U.V curing system for U.V coating.
– U.V 3-lamps curing equipment. (13 kw x 3 pcs)
– U.V. Control panel.
– Full / Half-lamp lighting safety device.
– Safety control for over-temperature.
– Protector for UV light emission.
– Exhaust system with exhaust blower & ducts to extract fumes.

* IR. & Hot air drying system for water base coating. (Optional equipment)
– Infrared lamps with hot air system provides strong and large-area radiation. – Short wave IR lamps are heating fast for fast drying of coated varnish.
– IR. lamps drying system for UV varnish flow more evenly.
– IR. lamps drying system for water-base coating.
– Separated vanish pump, tank and tray for water based varnish

4. Delivery.
– Max. pile height: 1250 mm.
– Delivery table with suction belts.
– Upper fans support sheets in neat stack.
– Sheet pneumatic cylinder jogging device and counter.
– Photocell control for pile-down.
– Hoisting limit switch with safety sensor for delivery pile.
– Double leveled belt guiding device, suitable for thin paper conveyance.
– An automatic detector of sheet mess and a unloading coming sheets device before the stacker is clear.


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