Automatic Laminating


This machine can be used in color printing corrugated paper and corrugated paper laminating,

tissue using scale continuous paper feeding, unique front gauge positioning way to insure the bottom paper never advance. Easy to operate, easy to maintain.

Main technical parameters:

机器型号 YB-1300E
最大纸张 1300X1250mm
最小纸张 400X400mm
面纸厚度 150-600g
最快时速 7500张/小时
贴合精度 ±1mm
外型尺寸 11.5X2X2.4M
机器重量 5000kg
机器电力 10KW/380V
底纸厚度 A、B、C、E、F瓦塄纸,工业纸板

Features: Main

1. advanced automatic tracking technology, according to the paper automatically adjust the size of the relevant parameters, so that the machine running is always in the best condition;
2. unique front gauge positioning system, accurate, the bottom paper never advance; advance with adjustable amount of paper;
3. is equipped with high precision high speed automatic feeder, strengthening type paper feeding device, feeding smoothly.
4. using the principle of offset printing machine side plate positioning for about error correction paper stack of paper and feeding process;
5. at the end of the paper using automatic suction feeder, can adjust the size of the wind in the touch screen, and an optional belt humidifying function;
6. spare layboy in the non-stop state pile under a pile of paper, along the rail into the elevator, high working efficiency;
7. imported electrical components, to ensure the stability of the circuit system. PLC tracking technology, automatic fault alarm;
8. full automatic glue supply system, can automatically add the loss of plastic, and with the glue recycling;
9. independent tank control water circulation, ensure the bottom paper back and dry, cleaning roller, spout, back glue tank;
10. single side adjustment of the pressure of the pressure roller, and equipped with a pressure scale display, the replacement of the end of the paper size adjustment in one step;

You can find this machine in different sizes and with different equipment.


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