Paper Cup Making machine


As an improved and upgraded product of single-plate paper cup maker, this kind of paper machine completes the entire forming process of paper cup by using three turnplates. In order to realize optimal functions and performance, it utilizes open cam design, interrupted division, gear drive and longitudinal axis structure.

Paper cups specifications

(100-450ml)(mold exchangeable) T:55-85mm

Air supply requirement


  • B:55-70mm
  • Paper specification : 190-350 GSM single/double PE coated paper
  • Production capacity : 90-110 pcs/min
  • Voltage : 220V/380V
  • Total Power : 10KW
  • Total Weight Dimensions 3500KG 2600mm*1600mm*1850mm
  •  Note : Customized service is available



A.The machine adopts open cam type structure, high precision, large out-put and long life.

B.Longitudinal axis gear drive. This make up the chain drive jitter and instability’s weakness.

C.Whole machine is box type structures design, filling oil by spray lubrication system So that it can run fast and stably.

D.Photoelectric failure-detecting system is available. PLC control system for the whole cup forming process.

E.Servo control to send bottom paper of cup, deliver bottom when cup tube come, otherwise no bottom delivery.

F.Stretch knife uses for bottom cutting. Easy changed and more stable.

G.Switzerland Leister heating device is equipped for cup body and bottom sealing, bottom are heated at first before they are feeding, thus improving heating effect and helping guarantee knurling.

H.Curling. There are two steps of curling. The first one is curl the cup top and the second consolidate the cup curling.

I.It adopts the three-station Rotary to carry the cups. High efficiency and more stable.

J.The cup collection with take off the defective function.

K. Preheating for cup body sealing(Switzerland Leister heating device). Suit for strong paper or double PE coated paper.

L. Main parts and electrical appliances we all use the imported.Like Schneider, Panasonic, Omron…


A. Normal size 4-16OZ: ASK PRICE FOR SET

B. Special for 22OZ Or nomal size Bowl machine : ASK PRICE FOR SET

C. Extra mould for cup cost is : ASK PRICE FOR SET

D. Extra mould for bowl cost is : ASK PRICE FOR SET


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